Saturday, January 22, 2011

North Africa: the struggle continues

While people keep pressing in Tunisia for the total removal of the dictatorship's party from all institutions, specially government, the street of Algeria continue very hot. 

Algiers: several injured in government crack down of demonstration

Hundreds defied a ban against demonstrations in Algiers but were attacked by almost the same number of policemen, who injured several and arrested many.

Source: BBC

Tunisia: Gannouchi the hypocrite

This is one of those sentences that would send you to the deepest Hell of liars if such mythical dungeon would be real. Mohammed Gannouchi, Prime Minister under Ben Ali since 1999 and direct responsible for all the repression and lack of perspectives Tunisians face, said that he was afraid like all Tunisians under Ben Ali.

C'mon, if Justice would exist in this World you'd have been fulminated on the spot while saying that. What a hypocrite!

But it's not only Gannouchi, all cadres of the regime, from policemen up, are saying the same thing, passing the blame up to whoever commanded them. There should be another Hell for those coward minions who are the pillars of fascism.  

Gannouchi is trying to stick to a constitutional frame which demands presidential elections in 60 days after Ben Ali fled the country and does not allow for parlamentary elections instead. However opposition forces demand parliamentary elections for a constituent assembly and reject the promised  presidential elections, which are not likely to take place at all in fact. 

Policemen have now also joined the demonstrations but nobody is sure what to expect from them. 

Sources: BBC, Al Jazeera.

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