Thursday, January 13, 2011

Low penalties to Spanish soldiers who attacked Basque activist

Six years ago, the quite well known left wing activist and speaker of the Basque Gay movement (EHGAM), Mikel Martín, was attacked by some fascist Spanish elite soldiers in Donostia, suffering quite important lesions. 

The trial has taken five years to proceed and finally the attackers have been sentenced only to lesser penalties that keep them off jail (2 years of prison in the case of the direct attackers, plus fines, compensations and costs). The tribunal has accepted all the unbelievable claims of the defense that the attackers did not even knew who he was or that ideological or anti-gay prejudices did not moved them at all.

The two fascist homophobic aggressors are former military parachutists Cristián José Rivera and Alberto Luengo Luque. Their collaborators who allowed them to proceed with the aggression, were also fined but not sentenced to prison.

All them may still appeal.

Source: Sare Antifaxista[es].

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