Sunday, January 23, 2011

All remainding human rights activists arrested report tortures, in jail now. Large demo in Pamplona

The four human rights activists or reporters remaining in police custody were sent to prison (totalling 6 out of 10, plus two others released on bail). They all have reported tortures in the five days they have remained incommunicado.

The only accusation is an obvious political montage by which they are accused of belonging to a ghostly and likely non-existent (never proven in any way) political branch of ETA called Ekin ((to) take action). In some cases, they have also been accused of belonging to Segi, a Basque Youth movement declared illegal years ago (however they are all in their 30s).

State-appointed defense attorneys have also denounced the tortures, giving all possible credence to them being real. The reported tortures consisted, as mentioned yesterday, in "the bag" (asphyxiation with a plastic bag), beatings and threats of rape and electrocution, as well as against relatives.

The evidence listed by Inquisitor Grande-Marlaska includes: confession under tortures, participation in meetings, demonstrations and press conferences, notably one in which the Basque Nationalist Left expressed their intent to continue the fight by peaceful and political means.

Ten thousand demonstrate in Pamplona in solidarity

Source: Gara

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