Thursday, January 20, 2011

Louisiana minister: oil will be here for "longer than anyone here will be alive"

Finally some authorities acknowledging the terrorist abuse by BP and their White House and Pentagon accomplices in the Gulf of Mexico. Robert Barham, Louisiana minister of fisheries and wild stuff:

“We opposed the sub-sea dispersants from the first day, but BP poured more than a million gallons into that column of oil,” he said. “My feeling is BP wanted that oil out of sight and mind. They didn’t want people to see that oil on the surface heading for the marshes and beaches.

“The dispersant worked in fragmenting the oil, but LSU scientists tell us there will be traceable quantities of oil longer than anyone here will be alive.”

He also attacked the federal authorities for letting BP mismanage the catastrophe:
Barham, whose agency led the in-state fight against the spill, said he’s frustrated with both BP’s response and the U.S. Coast Guard, the lead federal agency in cleanup.

“I’m not satisfied,” he said. “I think the Coast Guard has deferred to BP since Day One. They’ve gone along with whatever BP said, including the dispersant.”

However the recognition of the extreme disaster is not as throughout as would be, he still dares to claim "some success" and also pretends to "rescue the seafood market" when there's not even seafood left at all. 

These people have to get real: this is Chernobyl in the USA (or worse) and the same you could not sell contaminated milk after Chernobyl's catastrophe, you cannot sell toxic seafood  after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, much less after poisoning the waters with corexit day after day. 

And the same you had to offer some sort of exit for the victims of Chernobyl, you have to devise a plan for the populations of the Gulf of Mexico who are suffering the poisoning and the economic disaster. And this does not exist, because the only thing they have in mind since day one is to avoid liabilities and indemnifications, to get rid of the problem at the lowest possible cost, very specially for BP but also for the main responsible agent: the US Government. 

So they are basically murdering their own citizens, sacrificing them to the Moloch of oil industry. It's so extremely abusive that one knows exactly why the US Empire is no more and is disintegrating as we speak: no serious polity would allow such abuse against its own citizens and ecology. It's so ridiculously extreme that seems more proper of a B-series dystopia movie than reality. 
But, as Brecht said, reality always surpasses fiction

He meant it in a positive sense however:

Whoever is still alive do not say never ever:
what looks firm is not firm, all will not be always the same.

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