Saturday, January 22, 2011

Arrested journalists report tortures. Four remain incommunicado

Spain's Great Inquisitor Grande-Marlaska has distributed injustice randomly among the 10 watchdog journalists arrested: four remain incommunicado, two have been sent to prison without bail, two have been granted freedom on bail of €12,000 and two others have been set free without conditions. 

Iker Moreno (in prison) and Xabier Beortegi (free) have denounced tortures, notably "the bag" (axfisiation with a plastic bag), complementary to having several (up to seven) policemen sitting on oneself after being wrapped in styrofoam and being obligued to stay in forced positions for hours. 

The four who remain incommunicado will have to pass by the judge today. Today there is also a demonstration at Pamplona in solidarity with the arrested.

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