Friday, January 21, 2011

Warming up engines for the strike of the 27th

Hundreds concentrated in Bilbao's Plaza Eliptikoa against the reform of the pension system against workers' interests.

Source and more photos at Bilboko Branka

The general strike called for the 27th is a last attempt to stop the pensions' reform. It was originally called by the Basque unions but several unions from other parts of the Spanish state have joined, as far as I know: CUT (Galicia), CNT, CGT, SO (all these three anarcho-sydicalist unions), COS (Catalonia). Maybe others. 

Instead the yellow unions UGT and CC.OO., akin to US AFL-CIO and other such pro-Capitalist demobilizing pseudo-unions,  have renounced to present any battle and are "negotiating"... pretending to negotiate. They are trying to demobilize the working class in the Peninsula because this attack is only the beginning of a much bigger planned attack against workers' rights and they know it and they know which is their role: to demobilize the working class so the bosses can proceed with their increased exploitation.

So it is important, in Bilbao as in Seville, to join this strike and draw a clear red line to the bourgeois and their minions. Otherwise they will keep attacking us and robbing us more and more. A lot of peoples in our area, from France to Tunisia, from Greece to Iceland, are reacting against the "solution" of the crisis in favor of the oligarchies, now there is a serious opportunity for the workers of the various nations under the Spanish boot to show that they are not sheep waiting at the slaughterhouse, that they can bite too. 

A turning off lights has also been called for the same day against the abusive growth of electrical tariffs. 

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