Thursday, January 26, 2012

TEPCO will extend its profitability thanks to 1 trillion yen public grant

The infamous Japanese company TEPCO is clearly guilty of the worst nuclear disaster mismanagement of all times, and is clearly guilty of the destruction of the health and lives of millions of Japanese (and to lesser extent North Americans and other peoples), all with the complicity of the Japanese authorities (both main parties and most individual politicians included). 

In a normal world, soon after the catastrophe, TEPCO would have been intervened by the Japanese state and put under state management, logically. Not anymore: we live now in a very strange deformed world in which private actors command governments and not the other way around, where ministers are there to shield off the public inquiries and not to enforce law and order to the companies that are failing to fulfill their social role. 

Never mind protecting the people against radiation: all them have only lied once and again, promoted a culture of criminal idiocy and suicidal ignorance.

But after all that not just the managers of TEPCO are not in jail and the company has not been nationalized. Nope: they are being given a public grant of (by the moment) 1 trillion yen to pretend that they are solving a massive nuclear problem that they cannot solve. 

In the words of Fukushima Diary:
Tepco and Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund have made a capital plan to invest 1 trillion yen to prepare for taking out the melted nuclear fuel by 2021, when they will finally start to take out fuel.

To avoid bankruptcy, Tepco is going to apply for public fund.

The process to take out the melted nuclear fuel is supposed to take additional 10~15 years. More trillions of yen will be needed to abandon the nuclear reactors.

However, the technology of removing the melted nuclear fuel has not been developed.

The worst of all is that they may get away with this murderous scam phase II. And each time one such murderous abuse happens and gets unpunished, the chance of another one happening soon increase a lot. For example I doubt that the Fukushima scandal would be happening if 2/3 of the same would not have happened the year before in the Gulf of Mexico, and this one maybe would not have been possible without Bhopal, etc.

Each corporate crime unpunished implies new such crimes to happen soon, maybe in your neighborhood.

And the scale of such atrocities also increase. One of these days they will blow up the planet right away. It's difficult to think something worse than Fukushima but, as long as they remain at large, the disasters will keep happening and the mismanagements will be growingly more corrupt and abusive.

Public anger and distrust of institutions also grows however. But I personally would prefer that such brutal long-term environmental poisonings would not happen: if we have to suffer, so be it, but the children and the still unborn should not pay for our complacency.

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