Sunday, January 29, 2012

In 'democratic' Germany, police watches left-wing members of parliament

While the German police and secret services are obviously lenient, at the best, or accomplice, at the worst, with Neonazi terror networks, they have no qualm in keeping under surveillance at least 27 of the 72 representatives of Die Linke (The Left), as was reported by Der Spiegel a few days ago.

According to one of the victims of this police abuse, Gregor Gysi:

The parliamentarians are there to control the domestic intelligence agency. It is shameless that they think they can monitor a third of the parliamentarians in the Left Party faction. Now it has finally become clear that the domestic intelligence agency is nuts.

The German Federal Republic wastes €360,000 each year in this Orwellian persecution, just slightly less of what is dedicated to watch (??) the Neonazi party NPD.

Among those under police surveillance is Petra Pau, president of the Bundestag, who obviously has the trust of more than half the German parliament to seat in such position. 

An even most outraging case is the surveillance of Steffen Bockhahn, member of the committee who oversees and approves the budget of the secret services, a circumstance that the legal services of the Bundestag considered that: 

... because of the special job description of the committee … only very extraordinary circumstances could justify the surveillance of a member.

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