Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fukushima official report: 'so shocking' that Japanese authorities decided to ignore it

How is that rational? Who is hysterical and panicking? Who is in denial? Who is unfit to govern? Who should go to jail for crimes against Humanity? Who makes the captain of the shipwrecked Italian cruise appear as a cold rational and responsible leader by comparison?

The Japan Times reports today that the report, issued in March, soon after the catastrophe, that stated that Fukushima nuclear disaster was (and is) a worst case scenario was buried and ignored and dismissed as a personal note by the Japanese authorities, who preferred to look in another direction, pretend they were idiots and suggest to the victims of the disaster to smile and not think in radiation. 

"The content was so shocking that we decided to treat it as if it didn't exist," a senior government official said.

Very rational! The same people who claimed that panic would be worse: hypocrites, criminals!

Kondo drew up the document at Kan's request and is dated March 25, 2011. The document forecast that in a worst-case scenario the plant's crippled reactors would intermittently release massive quantities of radioactive materials for about a year.

The projection was based on a scenario in which a hydrogen explosion would tear through the No. 1 reactor's containment vessel, forcing all workers at the plant to evacuate because of the ensuing lethal radiation levels.

The document said that in such an event, residents within a radius of 170 km of the power station, and possibly even further away, would be forced to evacuate. Those living within a radius of between 170 km and 250 km of the plant, including Tokyo, could chose to evacuate voluntarily. The wrecked power station is about 220 km northeast of the capital.

People are dying and falling ill by millions for ignoring this document. When will we see Kan and his ministers in jail?

Found via EneNews.

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