Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From the Net: 'Loggers invade tribal home of Amazon Indian child burned alive' (Survival International)

Loggers have invaded the Amazon home of uncontacted Awá Indians, one of whom has reportedly been ‘burned alive’.

Members of the Guajajara tribe, which also inhabits the area, have said that they came across the burned remains of an Awá child in the forest, following an attack by loggers, according to Brazilian NGO CIMI.

Awa hunter-gatherers walking through a deforestation road

Clovis Guajajara, who sometimes sees the Awá in the forest whilst hunting, has reportedly said that he has not seen them since the alleged attack, and he believes they have fled.


Read the full story at Survival International (found via Pasado y Futuro[es])


  1. There's a also a Global Voices post with much more info:

  2. Thanks Raphael. I remember that years ago the FUNAI was something respectable, it seems that not anymore. Same as the PT.


  3. There are still some good guys working there, I even now a few, but everyday this government does what it can to destroy all kinds of resistance of it's "development" program...


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