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From the Net 'Four deaths in Bahrain on the 25th of January, situation rapidly deteriorating' (Bahrain Center for Human Rights)

27 Jan 2012

It is with great concern we bring news of more deaths in Bahrain. The total of deaths in January has now reached 9, making it the highest number in one month since March 2011. The situation in Bahrain is rapidly deteriorating as we reach the one year anniversary of the beginning of the protests on February 14th, 2011.

1 - Saeed Ali Al-Sukari (65) , from Aali, death announced early morning on the 25th Jan, family says it's due to excessive tear gas that was thrown in the area the night before. 

2- Abbas Jaffar AlShaikh (26) from Daih, death announced at Salmanyia hospital due to cancer. Abbas is a protester who was injured many times since Feb 14, 2011, including injuries caused by birdshots. Speculations are that because he was increasingly subjected to teargas, that may have sped up the cancer. BHRS has stated that Abbas Jaffar Al.Shaikh after being shot in his back with sound bomb from a close distance caused him blood clotting. He was admitted to hospital on 27 Dec 2011. Some background about him

For the first two cases, because of the difficulty of verifying the cause of death, the BCHR demands an independent forensic examination of the deceased.

3- Muntadher Saeed Fakhar (37), from Sanabis, (Photo) died under torture in Hoora police station within 24 hours from time of arrest. A witness has told BCHR that the police hit the car of Muntadhar, after which they beat him in the street near Jidhafs graveyard at around 1am , Jan 25 then arrested him. They also confiscated his car. BCHR has confirmed the marks of beating on the body of the victim before his burial - 

This Photo shows what looks like marks of a shoe on the head of the victim

other photos Photo1 Photo2 Photo3 and a photo showing Muntadhar bleeding and handcuffed while sitting in police car at time of arrest. 

4- Mohamed Ebrahim Yaqoob (18) from Sitra, (Photo) , was a victim of run over attempt by police in the afternoon- video then was arrested, few hours later the ministry of interior announced his death over twitter without giving details of cause of death. His Uncle has told BCHR that a police officer told them Mohamed had sickle cell, when the uncle replied that they have a video which proves the run over attempt the officer threatened him with accusation of illegal gathering. Lawyer Zahra Masood said on Thursday that the public prosecution refused to assign an independent forensic doctor to examine the body of the deceased. They also refused to allow the lawyer to examine the body. 

At a late hour of Thursday Ministry of interior claimed that "Yacoub referred to SMC for sickle cell complications. Medical report indicates natural death. Body free of injuries". Opposition society Alwefaq released photos of the body today before burial showing bruises and cuts on the body.

Mattar Ebrahim, a member of the opposition Al-Wefaq party, said police notified the 18-year-old's family at 1am on Thursday of the boy's death.

"Many people saw him (Yaaqoub) after his accident, and he was able to move. He was injured, but [it was] not a severe injury," he told Al-Akhbar.

"Later he was tortured in front of the police station. Many people saw him [get tortured], and we met with some witnesses who confirmed that he was tortured outside the police station," Ebrahim said.

MOI released death certificate and a mute video of Yaaqoub in the police car.

Full article at Bahrain Center fro Human Rights

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