Saturday, January 14, 2012

Japanese elite to hurriedly build an 'ark' in India

The shameless criminality of the Japanese elites knows no bounds, while they most cynically appeal for their people to "smile" in the face of a terrible nuclear adversity they even deny any existence at all and even claim that obvious radiation illness is caused by "stress", they are planning for themselves a refuge city outside Japan.

From Fukushima Diary (translated from original Japanese at Yomiuri):

Japanese government is going to build a remote Japanese city in Chennai of India by cooperating with private sector.  It can accommodate 50,000 people with factory complex, shopping mall, and hospital etc.

Edano, minister of economy visited Chennai on 1/10/2012 to ask for the state’s help. Mizuho corporate bank and JGC corporation are going to invest 4 billion JPY on the local development company.  Factory complex (2.3 km2) will start being sold from this summer, they will already start operating the factories in 2013. Residential area will have 2 km2 area, consist of resort city beside Indian ocean, which will be developed from 2013. Japanese shopping mall, golf course, hospitals with Japanese doctors will be included too.

This plan was announced without any advance notice, and starting the factories in 2013 is really soon. It’s giving some Japanese people the impression that Japanese government is building the ark only for rich people.

Chennai is a major city of Tamil Nadu and was formerly known as  Madras.

Update: Ex-SKF has some more information: apparently the authorities (who laugh so much and have been acting with such a criminal cynicism towards their own people and the World) have been planning this escape since August (just a few months after the nuclear accident) and have been pushing for a tax hike since then in part to finance this golden exile for themselves.

The scandal had been ignored until a few days ago when some people began tweeting on its details.

The project is being managed by major Singaporean real state company Ascendas. Ex-SKF mentions that the countries that this company has businesses with (China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia) happen to coincide with the countries that the Japanese ministers have frequented since last year.

According to the Times of India:

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu government has signed a memorandum of understanding with a Japanese consortium and real estate developer Ascendas to build a 1,500-acre integrated township with residential and industrial facilities for Japanese investors. It will come up 50km south of Chennai along Old Mahabalipuram Road.

Chief minister J Jayalalithaa signed the MoU on Tuesday with the Ascendas Development Trust (AIDT), which has built an IT park in Taramani, and a consortium comprising corporate finance provider Mizuho Corporate Bank and JGC Corporation, a programme management contractor and investment partner.

Ascendas Group president Chong Siak Ching said, "We are happy to have the support of the government of Tamil Nadu and to work with Japan's leading companies Mizuho and JGC." The government has promised collaboration with local government agencies for the project's implementation. The township is expected to have lifestyle amenities for up to 40,000 people," Ascendas officials said. "The infrastructure will be eco-friendly."

Ex-SKF also mentions that former Chief Cabinet Minister and current Minister of Economy Yukio Edano appears to have evacuated all his family to Singapore after the Fukushima accident.

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