Friday, January 20, 2012

From the Net: Canadian journalist who criticized TEPCO tells his nightmare after arbitrary arrest in Japan

This first-person account is most interesting for two reasons: the repression against those who dissent the official 'don't-worry-be-happy' line about Fukushima nuclear catastrophe and the more 'traditional' one against illegal immigrants, who are the usual victims of such brutal harassments and have even led to suicide in some cases.

Detained for 30 hours and expelled from Japan, a veteran Tokyo-based journalist gets a harrowing glimpse into the trap door at Narita Airport leading into a secretive gulag of rights abuses against thousands of foreign visitors and expats, often by guards hired by airlines 

a special investigative report by Christopher Johnson

----When you line up to get your passport stamped at Narita international airport outside Tokyo, look to your right toward a set of "special examination rooms." That is where the trap door into Japan's secretive gulag begins.
Most travellers, who regard Japan as a safe and civilized country, have no idea that thousands of foreign arrivals -- just like them -- have fallen down that trap door into windowless dungeons in the bowels of the airport. From there, foreigners of all nationalities -- seeking a pleasant vacation or a better life in Japan -- have vanished into a horrific network of "detention centres" imprisoning thousands of innocent foreigners in appalling conditions.
Most red-eyed foreign arrivals also don't realize that the immigration officers taking their fingerprints and scanning their passports are working with colleagues who have been accused in court of murdering a longtime foreign resident of Japan last year at Narita.

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