Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Key Zionist sites hacked several times

Key Zionist institutions have been brought down several times in the last weeks by hackers, reports Al Jazeera. The latest attack happened yesterday bringing down the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the El Al airline sites. 

These sites are presumed to be protected at very advanced levels, implying that the author(s) of the attacks, allegedly some Saudi hacker known as 0xOmar, is (are?) very good. 

The same hacker claimed earlier in the month the capture and publishing of a number of Israeli credit cards but the files were actually malware. This was responded by some Zionist hacker who adopted the ad-hoc name of 0xOmer, liberating some 20,000 Saudi credit cards.

Later Gaza-based hackers took over pages of ministerial and emergency services. 

All these attacks have exposed how feeble is cybersecurity even in a military fortress like Israel.

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