Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reducing the secret services' Nazi conspiracy to a mere 'cell'

The Zwikau house
Basque newspaper Gara has today a chilling report[es]on how the connection of the secret services with the National-Socialist Underground (NSU) terrorist organization is being officially shrank to a mere 'cell' and the not completely erased trail that brings to the German secret services and probably to the NATO-sponsored Gladio terror network, being hidden under the rug with the help of the complacent mass media.
Those who dare to question the official versions on the violent self-dissolution of the group known as National-Socialist Underground (NSU) risk being stigmatized as "conspiracy theorists". Particularly the center-right daily Süddeustche Zeitung (SD), led by its "expert" in secret services' affairs, Hans Leyedecker, rises as an institution which pretends to know how legitimate is to question the official version and when should the self-censorship begin. 
Most important is the presence of a third person in the mysterious immolation of the Nazi cell. Several witnesses have reported seeing the man both near the bank that they allegedly robbed and near the burnt car.

This hot trail is vehemently rejected as "conspiration theory" by the "expert" Leyedecker, who in turn defends a sudden burst of suicidal tendencies of NSU member Uwe Böhnhardt, who murdered his comrade and then killed himself by the painful method of setting all on fire with himself inside. 

Any aficionado to Hollywood action movies would recognize in these fires an obvious attempt by a liquidator (the third man probably) to destroy evidences.

It is also interesting that the US military secret services (DIA) already knew in 2007 that the murder of a policewoman was work of the Nazis (mentioned by Stern magazine). Meanwhile the German police was blind and deaf... until 2011, when they suddenly discover (ha!) all this mess only after the Zwickau incident.

According to this DIA report, the North American spies watched with German colleagues to some people allegedly linked to "Islamic terrorism" when they witnessed the incident. They had to quit their investigation because too many layers of the German secret state were involved.

The connections of the Federal Republic of Germany with the Nazi past and present are many. The German secret services (BND) were created out of the Eastern branch of the Nazi secret services for example. Many many former Nazis were recycled into respectable citizens and officers. 

This fascist paramilitary underground is not privative of Germany but widespread through Europe, and was partly unveiled in the 1980s as Gladio network. However much of it remains hidden and effectively forbidden from research, so tightly it is linked to the imperial NATO quasi-state.

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