Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Basque citizen on trial for denouncing the murder of Jon Anza

If you recall, Jon Anza was a member of ETA who disappeared in most strange circumstances in Toulouse in 2010, reappearing months later in a morgue of that same Occitan city in an impossible case of missing corpse in the fridge. There was obviously something very murky in his disappearance aliveand reappearance as dead corpse and the French and Spanish police forces, as well as French courts, were clearly implicated in either the murder or the cover up or both.

Charge against citizens demanding to know the truth in Tolouse (March 15 2010)

It was known later that Spanish police agents hurriedly fled from a local hotel in the same dates when Anza disappeared only to be found dead, forgetting two guns under their mattresses. 

While ETA had reported that Anza carried €300,000 when he disappeared, his corpse only kept €500 when found. Someone had pocketed the money, possibly the same ones who got him killed (allegedly from a heart attack). 

Denouncing Anza's murky death at the Arch of Triumph in Paris (police almost killed the climbers)

Now Garbiñe Alkiza, neighbor of Donostia (San Sebastian) has gone through trial for denouncing this likely murder. The accusation is of "serious defamation against the state's security forces)" and she may be sentenced to pay a fine of €2500. 

Protests were held before the court, and it was denounced that there is no will of clarifying what happened to Jon Anza and instead honest citizens are being charged for pointing to a quite clear case of state terrorism.

Source: Gara[es].

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