Monday, January 9, 2012

Fukushima II (the other Fukushima NPP) has containment vessel damaged by March's earthquake

If you recall, Fukushima I (or Daiichi) was not the only nuclear power plant damaged by the March 2011 earthquake at Japan, even if it was the worst damaged one. We never heard much about the other affected atomic sites but were never either reassured that they were alright either. In any case it was a less important concern compared with Fukushima I.

Now it seems that the other nuclear power plant of Fukushima prefecture, Fukushima II (or Daini) also has serious problems. According to Ex-SKF, which is a reliable source of information on the nuclear catastrophe (unlike mainstream media mostly):

Hiromitsu Ino, said a Containment Vessel at Fukushima II (Daini) is broken, and they are trying to repair it.

This was reported at a workshop of concerned Osaka citizens against nuclear debris.

Ex-SKF also mentions in this regard that:

I still remember a tweet last summer (I think) saying an acquaintance fleeing from the area near Fukushima II Nuke Plant right after the earthquake saw a smoke coming out of one of the reactor buildings (there are 4).


  1. We are still not too sure what other disasters were concealed by the government. Truth can never be buried therefore it started coming out now.

    I recently came across these atmpospheric simulations, produced an American independent organization, that indicate TEPCO vastly under-reported radionuclide emissions from the Fukushima Plant.

    I’ve suspected for some time that the publicly released emissions data had been manipulated - If the models are correct I suppose this re enforces my hunch. Is there anyone here that can help us explain the implications of this model?

  2. Sure. If you follow independent resources like Fukushima Diary, Ex-SKF, EneNews or the video reports by A. Gundersen, you must be aware that the Japanese government has been lying since day 2 - and other governments like that of the USA are also lying and deceiving their own citizens, who are also victims of the disaster. They just obey the orders of the Nuclear Party and the Industrial-Military Complex, after all the nuclear energy plants are there mostly to secure enough ammo for nuclear weapons, the ultimate destruction power. Otherwise they are too expensive and dangerous and would have never been tolerated anywhere.


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