Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spain's new budget cuts don't touch the massive subsidies to the Catholic Church

While only 1/3 of taxpayers mark the Church destiny option for a percentage of income tax (all the rest prefer secular NGOs), the Most Catholic State of Spain (even if most citizens are agnostic to atheist) keeps paying the luxuries of the child-abusing priests and bishops of the official late Roman cult.

In total it is estimate that the Catholic Church gets  €10 billion as subsidies, although most are not so obvious as the classical direct subsidy. Besides this subsidy agreed by Madrid and the Vatican in 1973, still in the fascist-fundamentalist period, Madrid pays to the child molesters and brainwashers also for many other concepts, very specially 100% subsidized private education (also exemption from property tax, etc.) 

Meanwhile the salaries of regular workers are being not just frozen (as used to be the case with normally CPI-adjusted rises, which is the same as frozen) but effectively reduced and social and health expenditure is heavily damaged. 

Instead the parasitic castes that serve no purpose other than repression and mind control see their assignations and subsidies stay the same. For them there is no crisis. 

Economy advise: to get out of the crisis cut through the dotted line (Tasio)

Sources[es]:, Sare Antifaxista, generic TV.

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