Monday, January 30, 2012

From the Net: 'Rainy weekend of demonstration in the West Bank' (Anarchists Against The Wall)


15 Israelis and 4 internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demonstration in Bil'in. Due to the rain, protesters were driven over the old route of the wall, and then marched to the new wall.

Photographer Moheeb Bargouty, however, was shot by a sniper with rubber bullets - from close range - in his legs, while taking pictures of the soldiers.

Bargouty taken to ambulance after getting shot
The Villages of Kufr Kadum, Ma'asara and Nabi Saleh also maintained their weekle protest, despite harsh weather.

They were joined by Israeli and Internatiolnal demonstraitors, and were dispersed by the army with tear gas and rubber bullets. 

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