Thursday, January 19, 2012

From the Net: 'IF CARLSBERG MADE PROFITS......Baltic trouble brewing' (Random Pottins)

THE well-known Carlsberg beer ads along the "If Carlsberg made ...(e.g. cars)" theme, suggesting that whatever the Danish brewery turned its mind to would excel, were amusing. Its lager isn't bad either, I've got a few cans waiting in my fridge right now. But as Carlsberg has gone global in pursuit of greater profit, its reputation as an employer is going a bit off.

Carlsberg is attacking trade union rights in Lithuania with the support of the country's legal system, which has declared beer production an "essential service". Since they were not only freed from the Soviet Union but brought into the European Union, the Baltic states seem to have become a laboratory for undermining workers rights, so we best sit up and pay attention.

... read the full article at Random Pottins.

And stop drinking the brew of such enemies of Humankind, there's always an option, right?

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