Monday, January 23, 2012

EU adopts unilateral sanctions against Iran - when sanctions against Israel?!

The pathetic nature of the leadership of the European Union (or rather lack of any such leadership) becomes obvious in these cases. Why does the EU need to adopt any sanctions against Iran? 

I am no fan of the fascist regime of the ayatollahs but it's just one among many. The only reason that is really pushing EU political leadership to adopt sanctions against Iran is that Israel, the USA and the Zionist International demand it. 

Exactly the same reasons it has to allow Zionist teams to take part in European music or sports competitions or even to recognize Israel altogether. 

We cannot forget that as of today, Israel is the only West Asian state (and what a racist and dangerously rogue state!) with nuclear weapons, weapons that pose a direct threat to Europe. 

Sanction Israel now! Stop shaming us Europeans!

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