Monday, January 16, 2012

The murderer of Gasteiz and Montejurra dies in bed

There is no justice! That's what comes to mind when you see one fascist criminal after another dying in bed without ever having paid for their crimes. 

Now it was Manuel Fraga, Minister of Interior (among other portfolios) under dictator Franco (who also died in bed, never punished for his many many crimes) and in the transition. It was under his command and with his blessings that the massacres of Montejurra and Gasteiz took place... killing some seven people.

But you won't hear about that in TV, after all this fascist criminal founded the ruling party PP, which is now totally homologated as "Christian-Democratic" and "center" and what not... I have more trust in the moderation and democratic tendencies of the Taliban, honestly. 

It is a pity that there is no Hell for these criminals... one can't help but feeling that it is something really needed to compensate for the systematic injustices of life - but no sign of any such department of transcendental justice: the criminal is dead and does not feel anymore.

More reason to make sure that at least some justice is implemented in Real Life before they can run away to nothingness.

Video of Montejurra massacre (from Ateak Ireki[es])


  1. The most disgusting part is the hypocrisy of pseudo-democrats, supposedly pseudo-left, which are all day talking and emphasizing that he was one of the fathers of the constitution of 78 and a wise man. We're crazy in the Spanish state.

  2. Absolutely. Even Carrillo has apparently said some "good things" of this fascist criminal.

  3. Ironically enough I must say, Fraga's mother was a Basque from Iparralde (named Iribarne) and his wife's surname - Eguiagaray - is also Basque ...

  4. I knew his second surname was obviously Basque but until today I did not know it was from the North. They interviewed briefly one of his relatives (someone with some cultural role but I can't recall if it's pelota or dance or what) who did not see eye to eye with him at all.

    It's not the blood obviously. Ironically Hitler could well have been half-Jewish also.

  5. More precisely, Fraga Sr. met his wife in Cuba as many French Basque people - and other SW French people - had migrated to the island (the famous "Indiano" phenomenon). She was named Iribarne Dubois : Dubois clearly is not a Basque surname, I've yet to know whether or not she was born in Cuba of paternal French Basque heritage or if Dubois is one of those French surnames autochtonous to Iparralde (I know many other cases, I could write an article about that).

    BTW she was clearly Basque-speaking as she shouted in Basque at Manuel Fraga as one can learn in some articles.

    That Fraga originates from Ostabat hints to the fact that Dubois may be autochtonous in that case : many people in the vicinity of Ostabat got Romance-sounding names as the "town" was a Gascon colony in Lower Navarre (Ostabat is a Gascon placename : bat for valley, in Basque Ostibarre, I'll make a post on my blog) and their onomastical habits influenced the locals. One of my very good female friends is from a nearby village.

  6. I don't think it matters: this is not the anthropology blog and we would never judge his relatives because of Fraga nor vice versa, would we?

  7. You're undoubtedly right. I just find curious that the history of Basque oppression is made of figures with Basque ancestry though : the famous judge "De Lancre" who identified as Gascon and who had many young Basque women burnt for witchcraft, was actually named Pierre de Rostegui and was of Basque descent himself.

  8. Sure, I know. Never mind the Jauregi renamed Palacios, and so many others. On the other hand there's a host of people of immigrant ancestry who has joined the Basque struggle and that probably means that something has been done right after all.

    I think it is important that, if we have to kill each other, at least we do it based on our choices and not merely the surname of our parents, as happened in Bosnia. That was quite horrible and a very sad failure of Humanism.

  9. I suppose you refer to people like the former Aznar's ministress Loyola de Palacio y del Valle-Lersundi.


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