Friday, January 20, 2012

Radioactive car components from Japan banned from import to Russia

Beware if you own a Japanese car and do not have the corresponding Geiger counter because occasional evidence from diverse parts of the World shows that Japan is exporting without any radiation control. Caveat emptor.

The last case has been in Russia, where the port of Vladivostok, not far from Japan, has rejected most spare parts for Japanese cars sent recently, as reported by Fukushima Diary. But while Russia may be acting seriously in controlling the Japanese attempts of radioactive fraud, this may be not the case everywhere, because most ports and airports may not even have radiation control devices at all or even interest in knowing. 

This Japanese institutional scam, of which the first victims are the Japanese People, implies serious dangers worldwide and, of course, can only destroy in the mid term the credibility of Japanese industrial production and bring the country to total economic collapse. It would be much better for all if, starting now, the Japanese authorities would show radical dedication to secure that humans, beginning by Japanese citizens, are as safe as possible from the dangers unleashed by the Fukushima catastrophe. That would earn Japan the reputation of seriousness  that any exporting power requires.

But that most rational reaction is not happening. Tokyo has pretexted risk of panic among the population for its mismanagement but in fact the only ones panicking are the Japanese authorities, even if for the wrong reasons, with terrible effects.

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