Monday, October 7, 2013

Galicia: bomb attack against outspokenly fascist mayor

A bomb exploded early this morning in the Town Hall of Bouade (Galicia), causing important damages (two storeys damaged) but no victims. 

Incidentally, the mayor of that town, Senén Pousa, (affiliated to the Spanish conservative party PP) is infamous for his systematic apology of fascism, which has caused offense to many, something way too common among the so-called "populars", whose offenses to human dignity are always tolerated. 

This is not the first case of urban guerrilla in Galicia in the last years. In previous years employment offices and cash machines were targeted but the activity ceased for a time after some people were arrested.

More recently, in more assimilated areas of the state of Spain, there have been bomb attacks against iconic churches, again without victims. The last one was just a few days ago

It seems obvious that the anger is growing as the socio-economic and political situation degenerates, and that, for some, peaceful protests have grown increasingly pointless, after being systematically ignored, when not brutally repressed. 

I can only attempt to understand why this violent drift of the social anger. But I guess that, while some kill themselves in desperation, others resign painfully to the destruction of society and their own lives by the local and international bourgeoisie, who keep pocketing huge profits at the expense of the workers, etc., there are also those who think that something more radical must be done. 

The sad true is that the state calling itself Spain is deeply sick and its 45 million denizens are totally desperate. Everything in this is clearly a symptom of such depressingly chronic malady.

Main source: Público[es] (includes video and a photos of the fascist mayor posing with his horrible icons that I'd rather not replicate her).

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