Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Abortion is sacred": FEMEN activists interrupt Spanish congress debate on new fundamentalist abortion law

Three activists of FEMEN interrupted the discourse of Spanish Justice Minister, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, getting topless and chanting "abortion is sacred" for a couple of minutes.

While some MPs applauded them, others, from the neofascist PP in government, yelled "out!" While the three women were being pulled out it could be heard in the microphones the voice of the Christian fundamentalist Ruiz Gallardón perplex about the slogan: "abortion is sacred?, abortion is sacred?"

This seems to underline the extreme difference in thought, conscience and concept between them and us, between the religious fundamentalists who try to impose their ideological dogma on others by means of law and the humanists who only believe in respect, dignity and freedom.

This is indeed a true clash of civilizations, one that has been going on for at least two centuries, since rationality began overcoming fanaticism. Sadly enough, the struggle has not ended with any decisive victory for the only side which can win; the forces of obscurantism, of darkness are still way too strong. It's they or us, freedom or cultist slavery, we must continue fighting. 

Source: Naiz Info[es].

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