Friday, October 4, 2013

Basque Country: 16 of the arrested in the operative against Herrira free in spite of being accused of "terrorism"

16 of the 18 people arrested on Monday in the inquisitorial operative against human rights movement Herrira, dedicated to the rights of Basque political prisoners, have already been set free. 

14 were set free without bail while a large bail of €20,000 has been imposed to the other four.

It is expected that the two still in jail will be released tomorrow after the bail is deposited.

Paradoxically Inquisitor Velasco still accuses all them of terrorism charges: membership in armed organization, apology of terrorism and financing an armed organization.

They have been forbidden to abandon the territory of the state, imposed bi-weekly controls and prohibition of taking part in activities that involve "control of the prisoners" or "apology of terrorism".

Inquisitor Velasco has also decreed the suspension of activities of Herrira and the closure of its offices.

The prisoners have been kept with the light on since they were arrested but otherwise they do not seem to have been abused, probably because anti-terrorist measures such as incommunicado status were not imposed on them.

Solidarity in Madrid

Quite unexpected but very much welcome. Hundreds concentrated in Puerta del Sol in solidarity with the human rights organization. 

Those calling this protest (a long list of social and political movements) emphasized that while the Spanish state orders armed assaults, the Basque People and the Nationalist Left are decidedly betting for the political path. 

They believe that this judicial attack is a distraction maneuver by a corrupt regime, which is faltering by the moment. 

They demanded the release without charges of all the arrested and denounced the infamous role of the Spanish Government, which instead of opening channels of dialogue tries to sabotage any progress in the resolution of the conflict.

Prohibition of protests in Navarre

The Delegate of the Spanish Government in Navarre has forbidden all the protests called for this Friday in the Old Kingdom. The protests were called by a large list of labor unions (ELA, LAB, ESK, CGT, STEE-EILAS, EHNE, HIRU) at noon (12:00) in Iruñea-Pamplona, Tutera, Bera and Altsasu. 

They have appealed the decision and called to all workers to show their solidarity with Herrira at that same time in their work centers. 

Sources[es]: Naiz Info (link 1, link 2), Ateak Ireki.

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