Friday, October 11, 2013

Basque representative scenifies in Spanish Congress the "punishment" of the new chauvinist education law

While the ruling party PP (ultra-conservatives, including many outright fascists) plummets in polls, they are using their legal mandate, not just to curtail salaries, pensions and social rights, but also to force-feed a lot of reactionary laws. 

Earlier this week it was FEMEN who brought the attention of the media on the fundamentalist anti-abortion law by means of nonviolent direct action and yesterday it was Basque representative Xabier Errekondo (Amaiur, i.e. Basque Nationalist Left) who had to use his reduced speech time to call attention on how the new Spanish education law is fascist and chauvinistic, by graphically portraying its essence with the old school punishment of being forced to stand with a book on each hand.

Among other fascist impositions, this law forces the teaching of a single version of history in all the territory occupied by Spain, version in which the history of the Basques, for example, doesn't even exist.

Update: a more detailed look at the new Spanish education law

As Gara[es] explains, these are some of the most hateful aspects of the LOMCE, from a Basque viewpoint:

Basque language becomes less important, as Spain imposes teaching a minimal number of subjects in Spanish, breaking the immersion strategy so popular in the Basque Country.

Religion (Catholic dogma) becomes a relatively important and almost compulsory subject.

Increased discrimination between "good" and "bad" students.

A new ranking of schools, something forbidden before.

Loss of power of teachers and parents, more power to the director.

Imposition of an extra test before you can get the bachelor degree (high school graduation), what may leave many unable to access any sort of superior education, be it vocational or university. This test may be managed by private agents (unclear so far).

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