Monday, October 14, 2013

Confirmed: Arafat was poisoned with polonium

That is the information that Russian daily Kommersant reports today and is reflected by several media in other languages, for example RIA Novosti in French or LINyM in Spanish.

The source of the information is anonymous but said to be very close to the investigation. The results are already there and have been given to the widow, Suha Arafat, who is the one deciding if they will be published or not.

But regardless of her wishes, which may well be conditioned by other interests than the right of the public to know the truth, the conclusions are already there and seem very clear: Arafat was indeed poisoned by polonium-210, as was already strongly suspected.

The big question is: who carried on the poisoning. I have no doubt that Israel was at the very least in agreement with the murder, I strongly suspect Russia as the origin of the polonium (typical KGB mafioso method) but why nobody else in the Ramallah complex was poisoned? It seems obvious that the radioactive substance was given to Arafat in person, what means that elements of Al Fatah were involved as well.

It was indeed the Al Fatah cuppola who dissuaded Suha Arafat initially from carrying on an autopsy. So I would consider that mercenary bantustan dictator that is Abbas as the main suspect.

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