Saturday, October 5, 2013

Basque Country: huge demo rejects inquisitorial persecution against human rights movement Herrira

A huge demonstration took Bilbao today to reject the inquisitorial operative against prisoner rights watchdog movement Herrira, which has been outlawed by some unelected foreign judge guy from Madrid overnight in yet another instance of imperialist oppression against our small but proud nation.

No media has yet dared to report an estimate of the number of assistants but the description of the march's head reaching its destination at the Town Hall while many were still awaiting to begin at the place of origin (La Casilla Square), make it perfectly comparable with the massive demo that Herrira organized in 2012, following the exact same course, and whose figures have been estimated in more than 150,000.

The 18 activists arrested on Monday (and later set free on bail and other restrictions) took part on the march, as well as many personalities of Basque culture, social activism and politics.

For the rights of prisoners and exiles
A tide for the rights of Basque prisoners and exiles

Among other slogans, people chanted with especial emphasis Herrira aurrera! (go Herrira!) and euskal presoak etxera! (Basque prisoners back home!)

After an hour of marching, the head of the demo reached the Town Hall, while, as I said before, many still awaited to begin the protest at the origin. A communication intercalating Basque and Castilian (Spanish) languages was read (transcript available here). 

The communication emphasized, after expressing solidarity with Herrira and Basque prisoners, that:
We came here also for ourselves. Because somehow all us have been arrested, because we do not want to be a people under conditional freedom.

Indeed. That is exactly what all our struggle is about: our own freedom.

We have no intention whatsoever of spending our lives denouncing police raids and repeating the same demands once and again. Sometimes it happens that a particular demand becomes the representation of the desire of freedom, peace and democracy of a people. That is exactly what is happening with the issue of the rights of political prisoners.

Sources[eu/es]: Argia, Berria, Naiz Info, Ateak Ireki.

Update: Tsavvko, the Angry Brazilian (a great friend of this country) made some pretty good videos and photos:

another video (part of the closing act).

Herrira Aurrera

Herrira Aurrera

Herrira Aurrera

full gallery.


  1. More pictures and videos: y

    1. Oh, man, that's great material! I did not know you came here for the demo (or whatever reason had you crossing the ocean). I'll use some of that in an update. Really cool! :)


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