Friday, October 18, 2013

EU public bank finances Zionist genocide of Bedouins

Not only the USA finances the genocidal Jewish-only colony in Palestine, the European Union also does: our money is being used to finance the genocide of Palestinians. 

For example the Europan Investment Bank is financing colonial developments in the very same area of Naqab ("Negev") where the Bedouin with Isreali ID card but no rights because not being acknowledged as Jewish, even if they probably have more blood from Moses, Aaron and all that bunch of cultist madmen than the Ashkenazi new arrivals from the North, never mind the same shepherd lifestyle. 

The EIB is lending €150 to build a huge thermo-solar energy plant in the lands robbed to the Bedouins. David Cronin explains that:
The plant is being built in Ashalim, an Israeli community [Zionist colonial settlement], located beside the Bedouin village of Bir Hadaj. On 10 September, a number of orders to destroy property were distributed in Bir Hadaj by the Israeli authorities. Yet the Luxembourg-based bank — an EU institution — appeared to pay no attention to that brazen attempt to uproot the indigenous people of the Naqab.

Unlike Cronin, I'm sure that they did pay all attention and said: that's exactly what we are here for: developing the European colonies, lending to the Imperial vassals. After all the directors' board of European public banks are not subject to democratic scrutiny but are just a corrupt bureaucracy at the service of Big Capital. 

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