Saturday, May 17, 2014

US-EU colonial treaty protests: 240 arrested in Belgium

240 citizens were arrested on Thursday in Brussels (source), while protesting against the colonial (so-called "free trade") treaty with the United States. Among those arrested are three MPs.

The colonial treaty, for which no democratic control exists, as most things in this oppressive and deadly Europe of the Banksters, where democracy has become just an empty word, will cause a social, ecological and food catastrophe for Europe, according to those opposed to it. 

Many of the current European economical problems are caused by the artificial overpricing of the euro, which is designed to help not only German but also US exports, with terrible consequences for the European working peoples, on whose shoulders is the cost of these subsidies to the core Capitalist areas being laid on. 

Naturally a major concern and obstacle is the US obsession with GM crops, which are totally destructive of agriculture wherever they go. But there is much more and in general this treaty must be considered extremely negative for Europe and a clear colonial revision of trans-Atlantic relations. No wonder: when we survey the extension of the shrinking US Empire, we realize that the only "loyal" province it remains under tight US control (other than the Arabian Peninsula and the collapsing radioactive Japan) is Europe. And therefore, for the USA to improve economically even to a limited extent it must exploit Europe as a colony. 

Naturally this can only result in increased tensions in this continent and further collapse of the Empire but meanwhile the pain will be extreme. 

We need an independent eco-socialist and democratic Europe now! VOTE RED in the upcoming pan-European elections. Even if the Parliament has no power, it is crucial to reinforce the Left in this impoverished continent.

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