Saturday, May 10, 2014

Images from Mariupol: Army murders civilians

As you may already know, the Ukrainian Army has invaded Mariupol again. I say again, because it was invaded earlier this week, only for the People to retake power hours later.

In their invader fervor they have not hesitated to murder unarmed citizens who attempted to stop the tanks.

In this home-made video we can see (min. 4:20) how a young man who attempts to cross the path of a tank is shot in cold blood by infantry soldiers. Later we are shown, just around the corner, several other men dead by shooting by some school chairs one can suspect they attempted to use as improvised barrickade.

That's what the Ukranian Army of the Nazi Junta is fighting against: their own People.

Via: Webguerrillero.

Russia Today has more details on the invasion and related massacre. Kiev says that 20 antifascists have been killed, while Donetsk only acknowledges three so far.

The USA, in their shameless hypocritical support of global fascism, blames Moscow, who obviously has no control whatsoever on what the People of SE Ukraine are doing and has not even bothered arming them.

Update: Another video with better quality and even more impacting images of the same act of state terrorism against civilians.

Shooting is heard since the beginning of the video. Soldiers move in the background. A man walks on his knees with hands up, apparently obeying commands of a threatening soldier. Another man in a black suit shows up by his side. Shots again, the man of the suit walks a few steps and drops dead before our eyes. 

Then, as the soldiers move away, the camera and the crowd move around the corner and we are faced with the same macabre scene as before: the body of a young man with the head blown up, drenched in his own blood. Some terrace chairs are scattered around. Another man is injured but alive. A car and a van are asked to help move the victims to hospital.

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