Saturday, May 3, 2014

31 antifascists massacred in Odessa's union building

A mob of "Maidan" activists (Nazis and other scum) have provoked a massive fire in the labor union building of the Southern Ukrainian city, killing at least 31. Other 40 people, including 10 police officers, were injured in the massacre. 

Those who jumped by the windows in desperation were beaten to death by the Nazi mob.

Some 200 riot police who surrounded the building apparently did nothing to protect the victims. They claimed to be unarmed but as you can see in the photo below they had at least their full uniforms with helmets, shields and such.

At least 25 bodies were found in the upper floors of the building alone. Most of them had St. George ribbons, a historical icon of antifascism in Ukraine, now recycled by the many opposed to the Kiev Junta. 

Western propaganda outlets are trying to minimize the role played by the Junta forces in this massacre. However it is clearly part of the offensive against the popular resistance in all Ukraine, which is becoming more and more bloody by the hour. 

The mob who attacked the building had been fighting previously a deadly and unequal street battle with antifascist activists, resulting in at least four deaths. Nazi militants of the Pravy Sektor were seen among the "pro-Maidan" crowd, which numbered at least 1500, while the antifascists were just a few hundreds apparently. 

Some of the antifascists barricaded themselves in the union building, it seems, but were cruelly massacred inside.

Assault against Kramatorsk and Slavyansk

The military attack against the rebel city of Kramatorsk, near Slavyansk, has begun already. Dozens have been killed. 

In Slavyansk, where the attack began this morning, there is report of the headquarters of the popular militia being under sniper fire.

In at least one instance, unarmed Slavyansk citizens have managed to stop a tank column.

Source: Russia Today (links in text, except for the live updates blog)

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