Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kiev Junta continues invasion of Donetsk Republic

The Ukrainian Army is now attacking Konstatinovska (south of Kramatorsk) and Mariupol (main port of Donetsk Republic). 

In Mariupol the military has attacked an administrative building under popular control. Unarmed civilians have marched to the area in a desperate and risky attempt to prevent a battle.

In this city the main Kiev Junta's party Fatherland's see has been set on fire, as well as the main office of Privatbank. The leader of this party, Yulia Timoshenko, has shown support for the Nazi massacre of communists and union members in Odessa, arguing that it was "a peaceful demonstration" who acted to "protect a government building" (live to see... the most heinous shameless hypocrisy).

The People's Republic militias still retain control of parts of Kramatorsk. In Gorlovka, popular forces have taken control of several administrative buildings. 

No recent news from Slavyansk. So far I have not read anything that suggests that the military/fascists was actually able to capture the city. 

The Junta is now giving Ukrainian passports to foreigners from Poland and the Baltic states as a formality to recruit them into their forces as commanders and military advisors. 

Source: Russia Today (also the live blog).

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