Saturday, May 17, 2014

Palestine's Apartheid in figures and facts

Categories of the Zionist Apartheid system:
  1. 5.7 million forced exiles or refugees: not recognized in any way, barred from returning to their homeland
  2. 1.6 million Gaza denizens: forced to live in this giant Ghetto.
  3. 2.3 million West Bank denizens: can only live in a fragmented 40% of the West Bank (the "Bantustan").
  4. 0.3 million East Jerusalem Palestinian denizens: can only live in East Jerusalem, no citizenship. Their homes are being regularly demolished and they see themselves often deported to Gaza.
  5. 1.3 million "Israeli" Palestinians: theoretically recognized as "citizens" but in practice only allowed to live in some areas (32% of internationally recognized "Israel"), where they lack all kind of resources. They can't marry Palestinians from other Apartheid zones.
  6. 5.9 million Jewish colonists from abroad and their descendants: full citizenship rights and allowed to live in almost all Palestine, including 60% of the West Bank. Around 1 million of them do not even live in Palestine at all and many more (~35%) have dual citizenship (USA, Russia, Ukraine, EU, etc.) This means that less than 4 million "Israeli Jews" are actually rooted in Palestine (single Israeli citizenship), even if as racist colonial oppressors.
Total aboriginal Palestinians (victims of Apartheid): 11.2 million.  

Total Palestinians (Jewish colonists included, even those not even living in the country): 17.1 million.

Palestinian and South African bantustans compared (source)

In percentages:
  1. 33.3% are exiles (refugees), with no rights whatsoever in their homeland.
  2. 9.4% are Gaza ghetto denizens.
  3. 13.5% are West Bank bantustan denizens.
  4. 1.8% are East Jerusalem natives.
  5. 7.6% are "Israeli" Palestinians.
  6. 34.5% are Jewish settlers:
    1. ~ 29% live in Palestine.
    2. ~ 5% are mere foreigners with Zionist citizenship.
Total aboriginal Palestinians: 65.6%, of which less than half are actually allowed to live in just some very specific areas of their own country by the Apartheid regime.

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