Monday, May 12, 2014

The Peoples of Donetsk and Lugansk have spoken in spite of all: independence!

The referendums for self-rule of the People's Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk were held today in spite of military attempts to disrupt democracy. According to preliminary results, the turnout was 75% in Donetsk and 79% in Lugansk, with around 5% voting against the respective self-rule bills.

[Mini-update: final results: In Donetsk 89.07% voted for the bill, 10.19% voted against and 0.74% were void ballots. The turnout was 74.87%. In Lugansk 96.2% voted for sovereignty with a turnout of 81%].

After this act of democracy, there is absolutely no doubt that these republics are legitimately sovereign, while the Kiev regime is still just a farce with zero democratic legitimacy.

Massacre in Krasnoarmeysk

While for the first time a Lugansk town (Novoaydar) has been attacked by the Junta's military and the abused port city of Mariupol could only open four polling stations, what caused long queues, the worst incidents have happened in Krasnoarmeysk (NW of Donetsk city), where Nazi troops of the National Guard have shot civilians who attempted to exert their right to vote:

(more images and videos at Webguerrillero)

400 Blackwater mercenaries in Ukraine and 17 "CIA" corpses unreclaimed in Slavyansk

Today it has also been confirmed that the infamous mercenary corporation Academi (formerly Blackwater) has some 400 armed men in Ukraine. German newspaper Bild am Sontag has confirmed the presence of US mercenaries thanks to an intelligence leak. According to this source, the German spy agency BND informed of this presence of US mercenaries to Angela Merkel on April 29. It is unclear who exactly pays the bills.

13 purported CIA agents were killed in Slavyansk last week, when two helicopters were shot down by the a deserter unit of the Ukrainian Army, the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion of the 25th Airborne Brigade, which chose to join the Donetsk antifascist rebels. The 13 corpses await in bags (pictured) in the Donbass city while the USA pretends their are not theirs. This information originates in a Russian Ministry of Defense memo, cited by Insurgente[es].

Drugging the troops?

Ukrainian troops as well as Maidan activists before them have been reported as acting hyper-excitedly, as under the influence of stimulants (and not just caffeine or nicotine, you know). Many of them have also been diagnosed abstinence symptoms ("cold turkey") even if they have denied taking any drug. It is therefore suspected that agents are drugging them to keep them more alert and restless.

The US military has used these tactic in the past. Obviously the effect of stimulants does come with a cost in both common sense and mid-term health effects.

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