Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nazis massacre civilians in Eastern Ukraine

At least 10 unarmed civilians trying to stop barehanded the Ukranian military columns from reaching the besieged city of Slavyansk, at its suburb of Andreevka, have been murdered by Pravy Sektor death squads, who shot them at point blank range. 

Other 40 people were injured. 

The Nazis would not allow anyone to help the injured and shot whoever tried to approach them. 

According to the local authorities, 10 militiamen and 30 civilians are the actual figures of the Nazi massacre. 

The Nazi death squads, as well as the National Guard (improvised military unit which is made up of Nazis) have also been reported acting in Druzhkovka. These death squads have also been reported entering Slavyansk, where combats continue under strict siege by the Ukranian Army. 

They have also been reported arbitrarily executing civilians in Kramatorsk, where the resistance has all but ceased.

Hospital in both Donbass cities are crowded with the injured. 

Lugansk declares emergency state

The People's Republic of Lugansk has declared that all non-resident police agents must leave the city or swear alliance to the People of Lugansk. Those who do not will face charges of treason. Full mobilization of all military age men has also been decreed.

The massacres in Odessa, Kramatorks and Slavyansk are pushing the country towards total civil war, closing all gates to any hope of peaceful solution. 

Meanwhile the Kiev Junta has decreed new special administrative units for the rebel areas of Eastern Ukraine in order to treat them as conquered territory.

Odessa massacre orchestrated by Kiev

Two National Guard (Nazi) battalions took part in the massacre of Odessa. Police was ordered to move away. 

The total number of deadly victims has been raised to 39. 

Source: Russia Today (links in text).

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  1. 25-min video of Odessa events. Similar events took place 70 years ago when ukrainian collaborants burned people alive in occupied by Nazy villages


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