Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Smell to genocide surrounds Slavyansk

The city of Slavyansk continues strictly besieged by the Junta's military while hundreds of black clad Nazi militias arrive. If civilians attempt to leave the city they are shot at, something that also happened to the OSCE observers when they were released by their captors.
Just recently, a family with a young child tried to leave the city by car. As a result, [the troops] opened fired, killing at least 2 people.

The self-defense forces expect a massacre to happen any time soon. New volunteers, mostly middle aged men, continue to join the ranks of the antifascist militias in a desperate attempt to defend their town from the Junta.

In the south of Donetsk Republic, the city hall of Mariupol was captured by the military. Irregular units intervened in the attack.

Source: Russia Today (links in text, see also: live blog).

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