Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Colombian Army murders four civilians

The victims are:
  • José Antonio Jacanamejoy
  • Deibi López (minor, 16 y.o.)
  • Brayan Yesid Yatacue (member of the Nasa indigenous community)
  • José Esterilla (member of the community council Nueva Esperanza)
On Saturday soldiers violently entered a farmhouse in Nariño department, forcing the four out and shooting them dead once outside. Then they brought them to their military base at Puerto Asís and claimed that they were guerrillas killed in combat. 

This is how the Colombian Army often justifies their salaries and the massive subsidies received from the USA: by the so-called "false positives", which have been common since at least 2008, in which common citizens are murdered and claimed to be "guerrilleros".

Colombia has the largest military force in America after the USA, with almost half million soldiers and policemen, in spite of being a middle-sized and rather poor country.

Source: Hispan TV[es].

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