Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kiev's Nazi Junta has lost

Oddly enough you may think, as the artillery siege continues against the popular resistance in Slavyansk. But let's check the facts: 
  • The armed forces have twice captured Mariupol only for popular power to return the day after, probably because they were unable or unwilling to police it in any effective way.
  • Even if the Nazis (paramilitaries, National Guard) are determined to massacre as many leftists and resistances they can, they are obviously too few in number to have any long-lasting effect other than ignite the rage of the masses.
  • Each of the fascist massacres and each of the defeats, often against unarmed citizens, of the Ukrainian military goes viral just minutes or hours after it happens. They can't act with the impunity they'd wish: sooner than later the World gets to know, as the vertically controlled mass media don't matter so much anymore.
  • The rebels have decided to go on the offensive now and have given an ultimatum to the Army. This may sound crazy but it's probably not because the Junta actually has nearly no power beyond the Nazi death squads and the Blackwater mercenaries sent by Washington. 

This is very real, Ukranian TV made a test in the Western Ukrainian city of Zhitomir (purportedly a Maidan stronghold with a large Polish and Catholic minority):
Ukranian TV in the central western town of Zhytomir sent Maidan activists posing as armed south-eastern rebels to the town center asking for directions. They were apparently quite surprised that local residents willingly helped them – even giving details on how to avoid police checkpoints. Then they stood for a time–armed–by the local police station, and no one paid them any attention. In other words, the mask is off, and the junta is done.
In other words: if the rebels march on Kiev, nearly nobody will try to stop them, most likely not even the Army. 

This last information comes from a quite inspiring article by Daniel Patrick Welsh at Voltaire Network.

This speech by an Ukranian rebel clarifies what is happening in the Eastern European country:
Furthermore, the Banderites who have now come here and want to impose their ideology on us have given us a precious gift because they have awakened for us in East Ukraine our patriotism, which had been dormant for many years. 

This happened because people had forgotten more or less who they used to be, who they had become. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 led to a kind of depression. People saw this event, the collapse of the Soviet Union, as a kind of natural disaster. The Soviet Union fell apart, and the rain came. People didn’t understand what had happened–they were demoralized, they used to believe in their leaders.

Now people understand that it is not necessary to believe in leaders. We don’t need to believe in any Yanukovich, we don’t need to believe in a Party of Regions. We need to organize ourselves by ourselves–and to remember our own history, remember our own culture. That is our foundation. 

So thank you to all the Banderites who have come into Kiev, and who have made people remember who they are, who they are in the world, and above all why they are here on this earth.

Is Europe awakening in Ukraine? I really hope so. It's about time for political and financial gangsters to go to Hell and for the People to take power in our own hands.

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