Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spain charges against political dissidence online

The so called Spider Operative got 21 citizens, largely Basque but also from other parts of the residual empire, arrested under the anti-terrorist law for allegedly supporting terrorism and attacking ETA victims. The propaganda machinery, alias mass media, quickly spread the government's version without any contrast. The reality? Not much. 

The propaganda centerpiece was what a single individual, whose name has not been made public and whose Twitter account was deleted, posted: such blunt aggressive and clearly illegal comments that he is strongly suspected to be a police agent provocateur. The other 20? Nothing worth mentioning. 

So why were they arrested? The experience of Aitor Martínez (pictured) is very informative: he was never informed of the specific charges and the state-appointed attorney acted as accusation.

First of all Aitor was illegally arrested because the agents did not identify themselves as such. This is common practice but it is blatantly illegal. 

Second, he was accused of generic "computer crimes", with no detail whatsoever. He has gathered information that police already had a political file of his person, reporting him as member of the Basque National Liberation Movement and collaborator with a website, surely

Worst of all was the attitude of the state-appointed attorney (under the anti-terrorist law you cannot appoint an attorney of your choice). She accused him of "doing something" and when he rejected her suspicions of drawing any ETA icon, she began asking him if he may have used black eagle (ancient Navarrese flag) or icons for prisoner amnesty, all perfectly legal stuff. 

Aitor Martínez also mentions that another girl, who was questioned before him, said that all she had done was to go to a National Day rally. 

In the propaganda video of the Spanish Military Police (Guardia Civil) the names of all the accused except precisely the one who posted the really criminal tweets are publicly revealed. This may not have such major consequences in the Basque Country, sadly used to decades or even centuries of the worst repression, but imagine the stigma that can befall to a youngster from Asturias or other localities of the state where some of the victims of this political raid are from. 

Aitor suspects that the author of the criminal tweets is an agent provocateur of the Guardia Civil itself, who provided single-handedly the propaganda material that has been used to accuse all the rest. 

He thinks that the goal of the operative is to spread fear.

Meanwhile fascist criminals are left at large

Basque MP Sabino Cuadra (pictured) denounced the recent aggression that he suffered in Jaén at the hands of fascist groups rallied precisely by the so-called Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT), as well as other far-right groups, and how these enjoy impunity under the Spanish repressive system. 

Cuadra is considered by many the most outspoken "Spanish" MP,  who is able to call things by their real name.

Also the known criminal torturers Antonio González Pacheco ("Billy the Kid") and Jesús Muñecas, who are persecuted in Argentina under the principle of global jurisdiction for crimes against humankind, have been protected by the Spanish political court Audiencia Nacional (the Inquisition), allowing them to remain at large.

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