Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The humble weed that defeats Monsanto

Actually amaranth can be a weed but also a nice food source and a garden flower. But in this case it is weed power which is defeating the flagship of Bio-Capitalism, Monsanto Inc.

The plant has become immune to the real product that Monsanto sells: glyphosate, a dangerous herbicide commercially known as Roundup. 

In many parts of the World, soy planters are giving up the Monsanto transgenic seeds because they and their attached herbicide simply fails in the fight against amaranth, which has learned to thrive in such conditions.

It is unknown how amaranth acquired resistance to glyphosate but it has become the nightmare of Monsanto's apprentices of Dr. Frankenstein.

And voilá: now it has gone viral how to fight those pests that are genetically modified crops: gather about a kilogram (two pounds) of amaranth seeds, mix them with earth and clay in small balls, let them dry and throw them in that pesky GMO field that is ruining your crops, your environment, your health and your patience. Rain and the miracle weed will do the rest. Sit and enjoy the flowers.

Sources[es]: Taringa, Webguerrillero.

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