Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Solidarity convoy breaks Zionist blockade of Gaza

A solidarity convoy sponsored by Algeria and Jordan has managed to breach the cruel blockade that the Zionist Apartheid and Genocide Regime in Palestine, with the necessary collaboration of Egypt, holds against the largest ghetto on Earth today. 

The convoy, named Miles of Smiles 27, arrived with $2 million worth of medical equipment and medicines. 25 humanitarian activists managed to enter with it as well. 

On January the Egyptian military authorities denied entry to the convoy. Egypt has been crucial, no matter who was in power, for the strangling of Gaza Strip. If Egypt would just open the border and denounce the infamous agreements with the Zionist Regime, things would be very different, not just in Gaza but all the region. 

In this case the pretext was that the solidarity convoy was arguably sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood but, whatever the case, Egypt is doing all the time what the Zionists demand from it, be it under Militarist or Islamist regimes.

In this case it seems that it was the active diplomacy of the organizers what eventually bended the arm of the Egyptian gatekeeper. When is Egypt going to take an active stand on the issue of Gaza or at the very least allow trade and relief to freely cross the border?

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