Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sinn Féin wins Irish elections

Good day. Today is European elections in most districts. Remember to vote red, Europe needs it. 

Both North and South Ireland had elections yesterday anyhow and the provisional results show that the Sinn Féin (socialist republican) is doing extremely well. 

In the Republic, with just 130 or the 949 local seats assigned, the Sinn Féin leads the count with 48, followed by independents with 34, Fianna Fáil (conservatives) 27, Fine Gael (christian-democrats) 17 and Labour Party with just four.

In the North, the Sinn Féin got more than 24% of the vote, followed by the DUP (conservative unionists) with 23%. 

Congratulations to our Irish comrades and in general to the Irish People for standing for their rights, which are also ours. 

Source: Irish Times (first random news site that gave some results).

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