Friday, May 2, 2014

Mayday, mayday, we are being robbed, enslaved, murdered!

May Day indeed. Today. 

The World has been marching or even rioting today against this most outrageous and growingly unbearable tyranny that is Capitalism, a tyranny in which a tiny oligarchy controls nearly all resources and, therefore, the media and the governments.

The hottest spot was Istanbul, where many gathered to reclaim Taksim Square, being brutally attacked by not less than 40,000 police agents, resulting in generalized street battles. 

Istanbul today (source)
One must be ready for police aggressions in Turkey (source)
Street battles in Istanbul (source)
Istanbul today (source)

There were also some direct actions in the Basque Country against banks and other large corporations, although peaceful marches and rallies dominated the day.

LAB column at Bilbao (source)

CNT bloc (source)

In Colombia the farmer strike reached its third day, with road blockades and dynamics of provocations and attempts of criminalization that appear similar to those of 2013.

Road blockade in Colombia (source)

In other images:

Madrid (source)

Madrid (source)
La Paz (source)

Jakarta (source)

Manila: burning the President in effigy for his betrayal and lies (source)
Baghdad (source)
Yerevan (source)

Update: some more photos from Central America:

Guatemala: for the right to unionize (source)
Panama: in the midst of a major construction strike (source)
Honduras: against tyranny (source)

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