Monday, December 17, 2012

Nazis attack SYRIZA MP in Athens

Three men aged 30-35 attacked Dimitris Stratoulis (pictured) at the exit of a football game in the Greek capital yesterday evening. They said: we are members of Golden Dawn and we are going to kill you. 

Stratoulis, who is member of the Greek Parliament by the Left coalition SYRIZA, called for help and several people attended forcing the Nazis to run away. After being attended at the emergency room of the stadium, he issued the corresponding denounce at the police station and went to hospital for checks. 

Almost simultaneously to this attack Nazis attacked an antifascist demonstration in the neighborhood of Nikaia. Police intervened throwing tear gas into nearby cinemas and injuring one woman. 

In the city of Volos (Thessaly) another Syriza MP, Alexandros Meikopoulos, was attacked by police when these charged against the crowd of football fans for no clear reason.

Sources: Diagonal[es], Greek Reporter.

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