Friday, December 21, 2012

New survey shows much worse environmental damage from Fukushima catastrophe

Even if the original survey would have been legit, as time passes and the source of the pollution is not contained (probably it cannot be contained efficiently but anyhow the attempts have been feeble at best), radioactive contamination continues spreading. The result is that areas that showed not brutally high contamination levels are now horribly polluted like the very area of the reactor itself (also they surveyed the sea).

The result is that, using the same coding colors (originally misleading because blue means bad and red means hellish, nothing good other than brown) is as follows:

New survey at the left, same color coding

I wonder how it is the real map of Japan and other regions of the World: this has no end in sight and can only get worse and worse. 

Source: Fukushima Diary.

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