Thursday, December 20, 2012

Greece: Anarchist squat raided by police

The occupied building (housing) of Villa Amalias was raided by police yesterday. Eight people (six Greeks and two foreigners) who happened to be in it at the time of the raid were arrested and remain under arrest so far. No charges are known to have been put forward. 

Contra-Info reminds that previous evictions of this popular housing entity have failed because it has always been reoccupied:

The Greek police have temporarily evicted the squatters several times in the past, but Villa Amalias has always been (re)occupied. It must be emphasized that the building was built in circa 1860, and since 1990 it has been maintained only thanks to the autonomous action of the squatters themselves and many solidarians. Villa Amalias comrades have declared on numerous occasions that they are consciously opposing exploiters, henchmen, pimps and druglords of any nationality in the downtown neighbourhoods, fighting constantly against fascist and racist violence so as to promote intercultural coexistence and self-organization.

Sources and more information at Contra Info and From the Greek Streets.

Update (Dec 21): communication from the Villa Amalia community at From the Greek Streets.

Another update: the squatter community, via From the Greek Streets, mentions that the police entered illegally and that they have removed the precincts already:

As of this morning, the cops have unsealed the door of the Villa on the side of Cheiden Str, without the presence of any of the residents. It is obvious that they are inside illegally and have made unauthorized entry into the space. We warn that any damage or alteration in the space of the occupation will be responded to appropriately. We should remind them that no-one has the right to be present inside the building without our presence. 

Also it is mentioned that the arrested have gone through court with stupid ad-hoc charges like having empty beer bottles, what is used as "evidence" of their intention of creating Molotov cocktails and what not. 

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