Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Suddenly the media awakens to the harsh reality of unsolvability and perpetual contamination from Fukushima

Suddenly all the major media seem to awaken to the dramatic importance that this accident and in particular its unbound radioactive water flow into the Pacific Ocean means. CNN, BBC and The Wall Street Journal (among others) are reporting seriously on the matter for the first time since the catastrophe began more than two years ago and reporting even if not in full detail how extremely radioactive water is just flowing uncontrolled to the sea.

Interestingly the WSJ video mentions that TEPCO is now considering to isolate the destroyed utility from underground waters from the mountains, after realizing that the wall built to isolate the plant from the sea was actually worsening the problem by rising the water level. 

Can they dig deep enough? Fast enough? What about rain? What about all the radioactive water that will have already polluted the ocean by then? What about the water they continuously pump in just to keep the corium cool and semi-stable?

Nukes are a nightmare.

Via Enenews.

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