Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bahrain: Tamarrod day arrives under barbed wire

Barbed wire and cement blocks dominate the landscape of Bahrain these days. Today, August 14th, has been called as Tamarrod (rebellion) journey and the totalitarian Khalifa regime has reacted making whole villages into prisons. 

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights explains:
On Monday, 13th of August 2013, security forces started surrounding some villages with barbed wire and placed cement blocks to control the movement and prevent protestors from reaching the main roads. Residents of those areas will be forced to cross police checkpoints whenever they need to leave or enter residential areas, which imposes the threat of getting arrested if they were suspected of participating in the protests.

Also the only hospital in the island-state, the Salmaniya Medical Complex, is being controlled by the oversized security forces in a clear attempt to curtail health care for the foreseeable victims of police repression. In the past physicians and nurses themselves have been persecuted just for healing the victims of police. 

Source: BCHR.


  1. Lots happening in the Middle-East right now Maju. Not sure whether you checked the News Today/Tonite.

    Egypt Declares National Emergency

    Egypt has declared a month-long state of emergency after scores of people were killed when security forces stormed two protest camps in Cairo.

    1. Watched on TV a few hours ago. I wonder if Egypt is descending into civil war.

    2. But notice how different is the mass media coverage in each case. Bahrain is almost never mentioned at all. Why? Because the USA and Saudi Arabia have immense vested interests in the Khalifa dictatorship continuing.

  2. I get BBC and CNN through Cable but not Al-Jazeera. It is always good to have news from different perspectives. Indian News Channels don't offer much coverage of Int'l News. Perhaps I should buy a set-top Box and Subscribe to Int'l News Channels apart from CNN and BBC. Will help me understand the Int'l Happenings in a better way.

    Over 200 Lives lost in Egypt. New York says it may be an Ill-Omen for the entire region.

  3. Over 600 Lives lost. Muslim Brotherhood calls for 'Friday of anger'

    Hope the Egyptian people are able to solve the dispute in a peaceful manner.


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